Program Information

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, with a minimum mark of 60% in 3.0 principal courses.


7.0 courses

1.0 course: History 2606E.

1.0 course: Religious Studies 2285F/G and  Religious Studies 2286F/G.

0.5 course from: Religious Studies 2345F/G, Religious Studies 2346,  or Religious Studies 2500F/G.

1.0 course from: Arabic 1030, Hebrew 1030,  Hebrew 1040A/B, Hebrew 1041A/B, Arabic 2250, Arabic 3300,  Hebrew 2200,  Hebrew 2240A/B,  Hebrew 2241A/B*.

3.5 courses: 1.0 each from any two of the following three areas:

Religion and Philosophy: Philosophy 2665F/G, Philosophy 2667F/G, Philosophy 2668F/G, 2114A/B, Religious Studies 2204F/G, Religious Studies 2213F/G, Religious Studies 2262F/G: Religious Studies 2347,  Religious Studies 2501F/G,  Religious Studies 2503F/G, Religious Studies 2219A/ B, Philosophy 4674F/G, Philosophy 4675F/G, or Philosophy 4676F/G.

History and Politics: History 2607F/G, History 2608F/G, History 2809E, History 3605E: History 3691E, Political Science 3328F/G, Political Science 3329F/G,  Political Science 4409F/G, or Political Science 4443E.

Literature and Culture:  Anthropology 2219F/G,  Arabic 2250*, Arabic 3300*, Centre for Global Studies 2340F/G, Centre for Global Studies 2341F/G, Film Studies 2251E, Religious Studies 2502F/G, Religious Studies 2504F/G, Hebrew 2200*, Hebrew 2240A/B*, Hebrew 2241A/B*, and 1.5 from any of the three areas.  At least 1.0 of these courses must be at the 3000- level or above.**

Note: some courses in this Module may require prerequisites; students are advised to check course prerequisites carefully.

* Any 2000- level course or above taken in Arabic or Hebrew beyond the 1.0 required to fulfill the Language category may be used to fulfill the Literature and Culture requirement

** The History Department will maintain a list of Special Topics courses that can fulfill the requirements for this module.

Rules Governing Course Overlaps for the Middle East Studies Major

Upon request a maximum of 1.0 course credit may be allowed towards fulfilling the requirements of the Middle East Studies major for courses taken at the 2000 level or above, if the course is eligible for credit under the rules of the Middle East Studies major, even if the course has been credited towards a different module.  Please note that this does not lower the total number of courses needed to meet graduation requirements.